Weight Management in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Weight Management in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Discover better ways to control your weight in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

  • Has your weight been inching up over a period of years?
  • Does it seem like everything you eat goes straight to your waist, thighs, hips or butt?
  • Are you having to squeeze into clothes that used to fit perfectly, and you know they didn’t shrink?
  • Are you in a cycle of starting new diets every few weeks and failing?

Losing weight, particularly as you get older, can be incredibly frustrating. Why? Because you’re not just wrestling with temptations, psychological factors and long-time habits, you’re also probably fighting against a hormonal imbalance that has been contributing to your weight gain. You might also have a neurotransmitter imbalance causing your brain to misinterpret the body’s signals about food and hunger.

Picture yourself with your ideal body!

  1. Be slender or lean
  2. Move confidently and gracefully
  3. Look and feel sexier
  4. Feel younger
  5. Feel full of energy

Weight management is challenging, but reaching your healthy weight is possible – and without resorting to risky weight loss pills and powerful medications.

Sergey Kalitenko, MD can help you get control of your weight by treating the underlying source of your weight problems. Call us today or visit our office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida! We are easily accessible from anywhere in the Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach areas.