Neurotransmitter Balancing in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Neurotransmitter Balancing in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Can’t pinpoint the source of your symptoms? You might have a neurotransmitter imbalance.


We’ve shown how useful BHRT can be for balancing hormones. But sometimes, the source of your symptoms is something else: a neurotransmitter imbalance.

Neurotransmitters are naturally occurring chemicals in the brain that convey signals to your body, directing it to do all kinds of things – to breathe or be alert, be anxious or happy. If there is a problem with your neurotransmitter balance, you won’t feel like your usual self. Your personality might even be affected. Thus, while you may believe your extreme shyness is simply a matter of genetics, it could actually be the result of a neurotransmitter imbalance induced by a hormone imbalance.

Be yourself (only better)

Some believe our personalities are set in stone. However, that’s not true. It’s possible to alter – even improve – certain characteristics of your personality.

Consider these personality types:

  • The leader. They are confident, charismatic, social and successful. They are usually well respected.
  • The free spirit. Someone who sets their own pace and plays by their own rules. They’re happy to go against the grain as long as it’s the path they chose.
  • The thinker. This person can solve problems quickly. Concentrating and planning are second nature to them.
  • The doer. Works hard and focuses on the job at hand. They like clear-cut tasks and get the job done without distractions.

Do you want to change to be a better leader? Or to be less distractible? You can change through a combination of lifestyle modification and neurotransmitter balancing. Testing and adjusting neurotransmitter levels is an effective way to address many of your personal weaknesses.

Let’s examine how neurotransmitter imbalances can affect your personality:


Dopamine levels are strong in people who are socially and sexually confident, such as leaders, achievers and decision-makers. If you have any of the following symptoms, you may be dopamine deficient:

  • You aren’t assertive like others
  • You find it difficult to think fast or concentrate
  • Sex doesn’t interest you anymore
  • Losing weight is hard
  • You’re often tired and sad

These are common symptoms in people who are dopamine deficient. They are frequently overweight and suffer from addiction. Their desire for sex declines, and they may be sleeping too much. They are not leaders, but find it easier to be a follower.

Do you aspire to be a better leader? More self-assured? Read on to find out how.


A holistic doctor can help you balance your neurotransmitters. They can also use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to give you better levels of cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, HGH, DHEA and thyroxine. These hormones enable the kinds of traits you lack.

Dopamine-boosting foods:

  • Small, high-protein meals with chicken, turkey, pork, eggs or soybeans
  • Leafy greens and rice
  • Milk, cottage cheese and ricotta cheese
  • Limit carbs like bread and potatoes


Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter involved in memory. A person with strong acetylcholine levels can quickly recall facts and dates. They can also process and apply information swiftly. They are quick learners who pay close attention. They have vivid imaginations and are usually very intelligent. They are also intrigued by scents and beauty. They are romantics who enjoy flirting. If that doesn’t sound like you, consider the following:

  • Do you struggle to remember dates and numbers?
  • Do you habitually forget anniversaries?
  • Has your partner complained that you aren’t very romantic?

People who have low acetylcholine levels can experience impaired memory, sleeplessness, and difficulty being romantic. They also have a tendency toward depression, relationship problems and being fixated on their own flaws. They may suffer from a lack of creativity or learning disorders. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are two illnesses linked to decreased acetylcholine levels.

  • Would you like to improve your focus?
  • Do you wish you had better recall at work?
  • Do you want to be a romantic person, never forgetting the important dates and details?

Take charge of your health – consult a holistic doctor about neurotransmitter balancing. A neurotransmitter imbalance may be due to incorrect levels of hormones like estrogen, pregnenolone, HGH or DHEA.

Foods for acetylcholine:

  • Artichokes
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Zucchini
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Almonds
  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Shrimp
  • Liver
  • Eggs

GABA: the calming chemical

The inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is linked to relaxation, memory and focus. People who have enough GABA are highly focused, dependable, responsible with money and can handle stress well.

Signs you’re short on GABA:

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Nervousness and trembling
  • Sweaty hands
  • Disorganized
  • Prone to feeling overwhelmed and panicked

People with a GABA deficit have difficulty concentrating, remembering details, and maintaining attention. They may have symptoms such as excessive sweating, heart palpitations and shivering. Those with a severe shortage of GABA experience mood swings, are unable to maintain friendships and frequently lie. They may have trouble following laws and rules.

Tremors, anxiety, sleeplessness, and even seizures are some of the more significant adverse effects. Epilepsy, sleep difficulties, and drug and alcohol addiction are all linked to GABA deficiency. However, you can get help for this! Get yourself tested for GABA deficiency.

An imbalance in progesterone and pregnenolone hormone levels can lead to a GABA deficiency. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can be used to correct this imbalance.

GABA-promoting foods:

• Almonds
• Walnuts
• Lentils
• Spinach
• Broccoli
• Bananas
• Oranges
• Liver
• Potatoes
• Brown rice


The neurotransmitter serotonin is essential for enjoying life, learning, and being happy. Serotonin personalities are eager, enjoy challenges, and are extremely perceptive. They’re outgoing, free-spirited, and willing to try new things. Almost all of us can use more serotonin!

  • Do you wish you were a happy person?
  • Do you have a sweet tooth?
  • Do you have no desire for sex or a sexual partner?
  • Has your enthusiasm for life reached an all-time low?
  • Do you tend to forget things?

Symptoms of serotonin deficiency are: memory problems, slow reactions, difficulty sleeping, depression and suicidal thoughts. Sugar cravings can also be a result of low serotonin levels.

Hormones like progesterone, HGH, and pregnenolone are linked to serotonin deficit. If you suspect you may have a hormone imbalance, don’t wait to get them checked. Your hormones and serotonin levels can be balanced by a holistic doctor.

  • Enhance your sex drive and have a more fulfilling sex life
  • Improve your memory
  • Reduce sugar cravings

Serotonin-boosting foods:

  • Avocado
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Duck
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Cottage cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate

Getting regular exercise raises serotonin levels. Aerobic exercises like walking, jogging and yoga are great choices.

Say hello to a new you

Can you really transform your personality? Is it possible to change the way you’ve been for years? Yes! Symptoms of deficits do not have to be a part of your life. You can change the way your brain and body react to different situations by adjusting your hormones and neurotransmitters. Regain your equilibrium – become the best version of yourself!

To learn more about how we can help you achieve neurotransmitter balance, call or visit us at our Palm Beach Gardens, Florida location. We are easily accessible from anywhere in the Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach areas.